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Can´t playblast maya

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Can´t playblast maya

Hi!! Whenever I try to playblast in maya I get the following error:

Error: line 0: playblast: Failed to write frame 47 into movie file. //
// Error: line 0: out of disk space. Deleting playblast files


It all started after I changed my processor to a 12 core one. I read another post where the same issue showed up with this kind of processor.  Mine is a ryzen 9 5900x

I need the h.264 1080 config but the only way I can get it to work is to lower the -percentage scale to 90 instead of 100 but that crops the resolution.

Sure it´s not a storage problem, I´ve got a lot of free space


Is there any way to get around this?? 

Thank you!!

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in reply to: Tomulomas

How much free space there, on C: drive? Your Temp folder is default location.

In Playblast options specify another location in the drive that has a lot of free space.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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in reply to: Tomulomas

Same problem here, I have the same processor as OP.


Any solutions yet?

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