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Can't open any maya scene files.

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Can't open any maya scene files.

Hi everyone


If I double-click on a maya scene file, Maya opens up instead to an untitled file. Previously, I have been able to then go to "file/open scene" and successfully open my file. However, today that is no longer the case and I am unable to open any maya file and the screen just remains in the untitled file. There is a change in the script editor and the command looks like this:


file -f -options "v=0;" -ignoreVersion -typ "mayaAscii" -o "/Users/gg/Desktop/";addRecentFile("/Users/gg/Desktop/", "mayaAscii");


I have tried to create a cube in the untitled scene file and save it on my desktop, then reopen it. But I am unable to even open that file. I have clean uninstalled maya and reinstalled it. I have also deleted my preferences. Lastly I updates my mac OS and the problem still remains. Can anyone help? Thanks!

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Here is one of the cube files I saved to see if I could reopen it:

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