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Can't Import Movie Onto Image Plane

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Can't Import Movie Onto Image Plane

Hello, when I try to import a movie onto an image plane, it has the Error Message that the file is not supported in Maya 2020.

The movie file is MOV and I've done nothing different from YouTube tutorial videos. What could be the reason for it not working?






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in reply to: purreffecttees

Hello, MOV files can be created using different compression codecs. It may be a codec not supported by your system. Did you create the .mov file? If so, you should try another type of codec. If it came from someone else you may have to convert it to another format. 

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in reply to: Parmenides

I have made it myself. What exactly is a Codec? 

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in reply to: purreffecttees

A codec is a compressor/decompressor piece is software. Did you make it with a regular camera or phone camera? iPhones are known to have issues because of their variable frame rate. 

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in reply to: Parmenides

I used a webcam to record, but I used an editing software to export it into an MOV.

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in reply to: purreffecttees

"Webcam" and "" are too vague to give concise solution but I export to MP4 from After Effects and have success. 


From the help files:  

Qualified Codec: MPEG4 (Quicktime)


Known issues:
For AVI: Motion JPEG and RGB 565 16-bit color are not supported.
Codec plug-ins developed for DirectPlay or MediaFoundation are not supported.

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in reply to: Parmenides

Ok. I'll try it out

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in reply to: purreffecttees

Not work for me too. I convert from .mov file to avi and avi. to .mov and don't work. Before last update don't work the movie reference in maya.

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in reply to: albinuta88

Hi @albinuta88,


Oh no, I hope thats not blocking your work too badly!

I was just testing this in Maya 2024 update 2 with a .mov thats under 20mb, and everything seemed to work okay!

I would absolutely encourage you to test a few things, including different compression codecs, file sizes, and making sure the video file is hosted locally on your computer, as opposed to referenced in dropbox or another file sharing service or FTP site etc. 

If you continue to encounter issues, i would ask you to clarify what you are experiencing, does the image plane preview the video when you scrub your timeline at all? Or do you encounter a crash? Be sure you hit 6 on your keypad to confirm that any textures/videos display etc!

Let me know how it goes please 😄 


Hagen Deloss
Community Manager | Media & Entertainment
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