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Can't import any file other than .ma and .mb

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Can't import any file other than .ma and .mb

I'm trying to import .wav file into maya. I went to "file" "import" and tried to click on the wav file, but I can't click on it. It's just grey and not selectable. All of wav, mov, mp3, mp4 and others can not be selected to import. Only ones I can select are .ma and .mb. Looking at youtube, it seems like other people have no problem importing files into maya. So, I have no idea why mine cannot.

I'm sorry if this is a basic question.


I figured it out. It was very simple.

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Well, there are some default file types you can import/export, for others you need to go to Windows>Settings/Preferences>Plug-InManager and enable strictly the necessary ones.

I could not find any enabled audio plugin in my list, still I can import those. If you don't seem to be able import wav, like drag-dropping it into Maya from file browser, then you probably need to enable audioWave.mll plugin.

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