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Can't hide Component IDS

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Can't hide Component IDS

Hi everyone, 
I have been struggling with the following issue:
I have multiple objects in my scene and for some objects it displays the component ID's for the faces, vertices and edges, only one of those or a combination and on other objects it doesn't display these numbers. 
In preferences this option is disabled.
I don't want these numbers visible but I can not turn them off.
When I select an object where these numbers are visible and disable them by going to Display ->Polygons -> Component IDs then they become visible on objects where they were previously hidden.
If I select all objects, then it toggles them on or off, per object instead off displaying or hiding them for all the objects.

If this is posted to the wrong board, please move it.

Kind regards

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in reply to: michael_broeders


The menu item is toggling the display of the IDs so you would be better off just using the underlying MEL command.

Select you meshes and run this MEL command to turn off all the item IDs.

polyOptions -activeObjects -displayItemNumbers 0 0 0 0;


Brent McPherson
Principle Engineer

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