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Can't find Time under Working Units in Maya 2023

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Can't find Time under Working Units in Maya 2023

Both me and my students can't find where we can change the FPS from 24 to 30 fps or the other way around.

I usually would search in the Preferences >> Settings >> Working Units and would there change Time to either NTSC (30PFS) or PAL (24PFS), depending on the project.


In Maya 2023, I can't seem to find the Time option under Working Units. Has this moved? Can someone tell me where I can find this? I searched the forum and the Maya help pages, but every page I find just keeps saying to go to the Working Units, where it can't be found anymore (see image).



Does someone know where this moved to? I would very much like to find it as now I have students rendering at 30FPS and others at 24FPS. I would like to keep it all the same for the same project.


Thanks in advance.

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Those setting is in the Time Slider Tab.

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Thanks. I completely overlooked that setting in the Time Slider.

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in reply to: lies.decoutere

In the preferences, you can also find it in userPrefs.mel in maya/2023/prefs directory,
with variable workingUnitTime, for example
optionVar -cat "Settings" -sv "workingUnitTime" "ntsc"

For developers:
As far as preferences are concerned, those should stay in the same place, not every version of maya in a different place. They could easily be on both places as well, with same variable.

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