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Can't find file saved after crash

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Can't find file saved after crash

I haven't found this issue yet, but Maya 2018 had crashed, I recovered the file and continued working on my file no problem.

BUT once I was done with my project, I had just saved and then closed Maya without saving /as/ and I think it may have saved my file to where crashed files go, because I can't find it ANYWHERE.

I'm on Mac OS, new to Maya.


It looked like it may have saved my file as a .ma but I tried searching for everything and I can't find it.

I may have found a temp folder but it was empty so I'm hoping that's not the folder it should have saved into

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I found it after some extensive digging!!!


Ok so I went to the magnifying glass on the top right corner of my Mac and searched

/var/folders/  and there was a folder called "hd"

Inside that folder I dug around until I found the date a time as my last save and opened it in Maya and it's all good to go!


So in case this happens again or someone else has the same issue, this should hopefully help!

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in reply to: Katieglennemail

please how do i this exerct problem with Windows 10.

i don't seem to find /var/folder/hd on my windows

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