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Can someone Help me Recover my scene?

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Can someone Help me Recover my scene?

Hello everyone I've been getting back to modeling in Maya making a scene for my portfolio, Do all the right stuff in trying to make sure my scene doesn't get corrupted. And well obviously I wasn't Working on this scene for hrs. Incrementing saves come to find out all the saves for the past few hrs are corrupted.....

I know there is a way to recover a scene. Hoping someone in the community can help? I uploaded the latest save. I open it in notepad looks like everything is there.


Sorry if I posted in the wrong spot.

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Are you really sure that corrupted scene wasn't saved over? Like, some sections of mesh description are missing , e.g. compare pCube1 and pCube2 code, which looks like saving of a corrupted scene, which would generate seemingly EverythingIsThere-file. Line up other incremental saves and see where the file size drops.

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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Recovered scene attached.

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Woah @mspeer , that nan thing is a killer, thank you! 😄

Maya2019.1 @ Windows10 & GeForce GTX1080Ti

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@mspeer you're amazing. You helped me with similar problem a couple yrs ago, so much thanks again. 


You saved me about 10hrs of work. 
A throne room to your dedication, It's a WIP, I will get you an actual throne seat soon hahaha.

@hamsterHamster I didn't save over a corrupted file I was working in a single session. Corrupted towards the beginning of my season and just kept increment saving without realizing, each save that followed was also corrupted. I had no errors of goofiness happening so I wasn't aware until I reopened my project.

For anyone who reads this post some tips to "avoid" heartache/headache

- Save scum and/or Increment and Save so you can go back. Good practice to if you're not happy with a sculpt and you can revert back. If you scene gets corrupted u can revert to without to much loss.

- Delete History, imo, its not worth keeping when u start editing a mesh keeping bevel history, poly data, etc. comes pretty useless as when u go back to edit it. It kind of destroys ur mesh..... so why keep it?

- Close Maya and reopen you scene (my mistake) your session maybe fine, but unknowingly you can just be saving corrupted scenes. So just reopen and if everything looks fine then start working again.
- Make backups you never know, hard drive failure etc. Export ur models/meshes into fbx so if you lose your work u can rebuild the scene at least.
- If you open a corrupted scene and shaders are green and things are missing DO NOT SAVE. IT WILL PERMENANTLY DELETE AND WILL BE UNRECOVERABLE. Easy way to tell if ur screwed or not is if the file size drastically drops compared to ur other increments/backups.

Still wonder if there is a plugin or something to automate/help with a repair? In any case thanks a bunch.

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