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Can not see or select curve point .

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Can not see or select curve point .

In Maya 2019 i use rmb-curve point but nothing happen, i cant see nor select curve point, had searching something on the forum too and seem like it's a bug of viewport 2.0 with directX, i tried delete of preference and change viewport to openGL, buts issue still exist. Anyone know how to fix this ? 

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Please check in Viewport menu. Show -> ...

if what you want to see is enabled.


You know that by default no "Curve Point" is shown?

You have to click on the curve to show the point at this position.

Maybe you want to use (choose) "Control Vertex" or "Edit Point" instead.

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This has always been an ongoing problem ever since I started learning Maya nearly a decade ago and looks like it continues in version 2023.2. When things are working, after making a curve, if I right click and choose Curve Point, I can add points to a curve (yellow dots) and then use Insert Knot to add more Control Vertices. Sometimes I can see the yellow dots, sometimes I can't. Currently I can't and it makes it really annoying a difficult to add Control Vertices. Changing the rendering engine doesn't help. After doing another search on this issue, I can't find a solution.


Also, version 2023 seems to have introduced another curve bug where, when making/drawing a new curve, I usually have to click about 3 times to make a new point and most of the time when I click no point is create. Very frustrating.

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Not sure if this is my fault or if this is a bug, but I realized I had World Symmetry on and after turning this off, Curve Points works as expected.


The other issue I mentioned about making a curve still persists. Maybe I'll make a new topic about this.

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