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Can Maya be stored and used on an external hard-drive?

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Can Maya be stored and used on an external hard-drive?

I don't have the necessary 6+ gigs of data to download it onto my computer's internal memory, so I was wondering if I connected an external hard-drive, would I be able to download and run Maya still, without any problems? I can't move any of the files on my computer to make space for various reasons, so this is really my only option unless you can suggest another alternative. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @evanbekker2002 and welcome to the community!


This isn't a great idea because while some of the data files can be kept on an external drive, the program itself can not be. This is because Windows won't read and recognize properly that Maya is stored on the external drive. While it may install it won't run well or at all.


Plus the transfer speeds and reliability over USB are far lower than when using an internal drive.


Please let me know if this helps or if you need any more assistance!



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I'm running my iMac off of an external SSD that is much faster than its internal HD, however Mayas not letting me instal on the external drive :(.   Is there a way to overcome this?   The internal drive it wants me to install on isn't even the OS drive anymore


thanks for your help!


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Install Maya on Internal Storage and then copy the folder from applications onto your external storage. You may also delete the applications folder of Maya then if you wish


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in reply to: me1180634

Hi - thanks for the tip - unfortunately my internal drive is corrupt so i cant install anything on it 😞 


Luckily i have a new machine now so dont need to install it on that one any more 🙂  but could see situations where a few people may need to

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