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Bump map for shadow?

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Bump map for shadow?

I'm integrating some models into a video. The models will be sitting on concrete. The shadows cast by the people in the video are cast onto concrete, making the edges of the shadow a little textured, wavy and uneven as it follows the concrete. 

The shadow of my models are smooth, so I'm trying to figure out a way to make their lines a little textured and uneven like those in the video. I'm not sure how to go about this. Is it possible to put something like a bump map on the shadow matte? I don't see the option, and I'm not sure that it would even work, but it was a thought. I've messed around with the Shadow Matte a lighting attributes quite a bit, but nothing is really making the effect I'm looking for. I don't really want to have to do anything in post processing, so I'd appreciate any help and suggestions on how I might achieve this in Maya.... I'm currently using Maya 2018. Thank You. 🙂

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Bump mapping will not work, you can use a displacement map but you need these details as real geometry at render time.

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Thanks. I finally just put a texture deformer on the Plane that I had the Shadow Matte on. It's helped some. Good enough for what I need. 

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