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Bullet Solver render

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Bullet Solver render

Hello, I'm using Maya 2019 and working with a bullet solver to do a shatter effect. The FX works fine in playblast but when rendering in Arnold, the objects don't show. I already check if primary visibility is on. Do you know why this could be the case? 

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Please provide a scene-file and the steps how to reproduce this.

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I made a mesh then duplicate it to have multiple items to break. I group the objects then added shatter FX. After, I gave the group a bullet solver, and the floor a bullet rigid body. For this specific scene, I set the bullet solver start time to 820 ( sometimes it reset so I manually change it every time I open the scene). 

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The problem is that there are no output meshes.

Either you have not created the output meshes when creating the Rigid Set or you deleted the output meshes later.


You have 2 options to correct this.

a) Create the Rigid Set again and make sure "Create Output Mesh" is enabled.

b) Create a "groupParts" and "mesh" node manually in Node Editor and then connect these to the bulletRigidCollection:

Group_2SetSolvedState|Out Mesh -> Input Geometry|groupParts|Output Geometry -> In mesh|polySurfaceShape|


Also don't forget to assign a material to the new object.

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Hello, could you please elaborate more on the meshes connection? 

I have created only the bulletSolver and it containes lots of rigidsets in it with some modifications done. I would die if i had to do it all again. 

I attatch the scene so maybe u can check it out. There are several output meshes, which i have created at first but then misunderstood their purpose and stopped doing that.

I have the mesh of the building, then i Shattered all the elements and they are in their specific groups. But the solver aint connect and i dunno how to do it :((((

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Here is a screenshot showing the problem.

You need to connect every "...SolvedState" node where the "Out Mesh" port is not used to a new mesh node.

Just create a new mesh node in Node Editor and connect it.



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