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Bug Report: UI Scaling causes crashes when closing tabs (esp Node tab)

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Bug Report: UI Scaling causes crashes when closing tabs (esp Node tab)

I've been troubleshooting this for a few hours, think I might have figured out a (bad) workaround, but some help would still be appreciated.


Original Bug: Everytime I open and then close the nodes tab, Maya fully crashes. This seems to happen quicker if the tab was docked and I rightclick -> "close tab". This happens in **new empty projects** within a few seconds. Error message is "Fatal Error: Attempting to save in ...". Output window saved as pic and attached.


Investigating: Tried a bunch of things that didn't work.

  • Updated graphics drivers for my RTX 2060 from 460.89 to the most recent 461.4
  • Updated maya completely to 2020.2 using the desktop app.
  • Tried adding MAYA_DISABLE_OPENCL=1 to the env file, didn't help.
  • Then tried to delete prefs, this seemed to solve the issue. HOWEVER, this is NOT an acceptable workaround, as it deletes my custom views and shelves and hotkeys and EVERYTHING. So I try to figure out which pref could be the issue. This is a VERY new install (installed yesterday) so not many things have actually changed.

Issue & Poor Workaround: The preference which causes this behaviour is having set UI Scaling to 125%. When I turn this to "system default" Maya no longer crashes. Changing it back to UI Scaling reintroduces crashes. This is a very poor workaround because I have large monitors and the UI is frankly too small to use at default settings.


Reproduction Instructions (for my machine):

  1. Fresh Install Maya, any version from 2020.0 to 2020.2
  2. Change user prefs to include UI scaling to 125%, then restart Maya.
  3. In blank project, open Node window, dock below viewport.
  4. Right-click on "Node Editor" tab, click "Close Tab"
  5. Crash to desktop.
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Hm, okay I've resolved the issue. The REAL bug is the desktop app saying that "All available updates are installed" when this is NOT TRUE.


Today, the desktop app informed me that I could install 2020.3, which seems to have fixed the issue.


I was trying to update to the most recent version as part of this trouble shooting... that update was released months ago, why doesn't the app whose main responsibility is to provide updates even let me know that more updates exist? Maybe help me download and install them in a timely fashion?


I've updated to 2020.3 but can find no way to update to 2020.4, presumeably it will notify me tomorrow about it or somesuch. 😕


ANYWAY, resolved. 😛


Added a pic of the desktop app still telling me I have all updates, though now that I know to look I am still missing 2020.4

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