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Broken reference files / texutre paths

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Broken reference files / texutre paths

I've installed Maya on my new PC, but the drive letters have changed from the old PC which is breaking reference locations. I can easily point them to the new location, but this doesn't update the texture paths in those reference files.


This seems like a major limitation of Maya's referencing, that there is no ability to sync texture paths with the new location. Any advice to get it working or do I have to change the drive letter to match the old PC?

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Well it depends on how you've setup your paths (relative or absolute).


If relative, I'd advise you to remove the anything before "sourceimages" or wherever custom folder you've setup for your textures in your maya project, and then set the maya project. Quick way to do it? You can open your .ma file in either notepad or sublime (or any other text editor for that matters) and just search and replace IE: "D:/mayaproject/sourceimages/texture.exr" for "sourceimages/textures.exr".

There's also a utility for changing all paths in maya (general editor/path editor, and you have several options for changing paths). But you need to do this in the original referenced file.


You can do the exact same with referenced paths. They can be relative as well.

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Thanks it turns out I have to open all reference files and re-save them with correct paths, although the text file is a good tip for saving time.

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