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Booleans produce unstable Meshes

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Booleans produce unstable Meshes

The new, relatively speaking, boolean operations produce much better results than the older booleans, but there are still many lingering issues with the current features.

While a Boolean operation appears to succeed, any further geometry edits to the mesh afterwards will cause Material Assignments to be lose, UVs to be scrambled, etc.

I tested this in Maya 2022 and Maya 2019 and the same issue appears in both versions, so this is not a new bug.

I do have a workaround - after each Boolean operation I simply Duplicate the result to create a new mesh, and delete the results of the Boolean operation. This "freezes" the mesh for lack of a better term and doesn't cause the geometry to become corrupted.

To reproduce the issue (Maya 2022.2 and 2019.3.1), follow these steps:
1. Create a sphere

2. Create 3 new lambert materials, and give each one a unique color

3. Assign the 3 new materials to the portions of the sphere

4. Duplicate the sphere twice to create 3 spheres

5. Reposition the spheres so they intersect each other

6. Boolean Union two sphere together

7. Boolean Union the third sphere with the previous Boolean results

8. Delete Construction History - Material Assignments are lost

To workaround the problem, after Step 7, follow these steps:

8. Duplicate the results of the second Boolean Union

9. Delete the Boolean results


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