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Boolean tool conflicts with materials

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Boolean tool conflicts with materials

I have found a very big problem in Maya with the booleans and the materials applied on each face.


The idea of merging the booleans in a new polysurface mesh is from 10, whoever invented it has merit.

The issue comes when you move a boolean box. The materials are changed automatically.

I have moved a part 1 cm and the materials have gone crazy with the positions to choose what material each part is. That is to say, it is as if the renderer repositioned each part...

If you put the cm the same as before, then it works the same. But that doesn't allow me to adjust anything, since I have a probability of losing all the materials


Make two simple cubes and apply Booleans and take "select face" assign a material and move the cube, you will see how as you move the cube "flickering" is created and the material changes area...








The problem is that if you have 10 materials, you don't care much.

If you have many, yes. In addition, having to select the parts inside to put materials becomes tedious.

I have lost positions of 20 materials in a single reassignment by moving 1 cm of a boolean box. They are recovered if you put the same measurement that you had before. I don't know whether to continue with it... How do I fix this?


Maya should look like UE5 does.

Point number 1. Materials have to be created for all faces regardless of whether material is assigned to it or not.
Point number 2. The materials are maintained.


The problem is that Maya reallocates piece by piece mathematically.
While UE5 reassigns them by faces.


Note: The walkmode should be like that of UE5. It is too tedious to move around enclosed spaces.

Is there any way to not lose the positions of the materials?

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Any solution?

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