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blinn texture invisible in renderview

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blinn texture invisible in renderview

Hello there,

First time poster. I'm trying to do my student degree film here and using a model called Twigs from the Agora Community website ( Previously all textures were appearing in the renderview with no issue, but now the character's skin is not showing up in the render. I have not made any changes to the original model in any way, I have even deleted and re-downloaded the model and the problem still persists. Has anyone experienced this issue before and if so can they help?




I'm using Maya 2022 on a MacBookPro with OS 10.13.06 if that is of any relevance...

Thanks so much to anyone who can help,


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Hi @21robertpeterdaly


I had the exact same issue, and I've just spent the last 30 minutes trying to figure it out. I have found a solution! It worked for me anyway, hopefully, it does for you.


In the outliner I expanded the 'Twigs' group, then the 'model_grp', then the 'model_hi_grp', and finally the 'cowBoy_grp'. Scroll all the way down and select the skin mesh, it's called 'cowBoy_geo'. Then in the attribute editor, click the 'cowBoy_geoshape' tab. Once in there, under render stats, just tick the 'Primary Visibility' box.


That's what worked for me so I just thought I'd let you know.


Lemme know if that helps, if it doesn't work maybe I missed something, just tell me.



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Amazing, that worked perfectly! Why would that be turned off? Anyway, you're both a life and a degree saver, thanks so much for the response.



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