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Bizarre File Crashes on Windows but not Mac

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Bizarre File Crashes on Windows but not Mac

I created a scene in Maya 2019 educational license on Mac with Arnold, and it worked fine.

Now I want to run the exact same scene on my new Windows workstation, Maya 2022 regular license with Arnold.

Strangely, it opens fine, and sometimes renders or IPRs for a second, but within a few minutes crashes. Happened 5 times in a row back to back.

So I put the scene file back on the Mac to see if it had become corrupted somehow, but the Mac runs it fine still, so the file doesn't seem to be corrupted.


And it's unlikely to be a hardware problem - on the PC I'm running a Ryzen 12 core and Nvidia RTX 3070 GPU with 64 GB ram, etc. and all the drivers are up to date. The PC is actually much faster and better than the Mac (old Radeon card and only 16 GB Ram).


Before anyone suggests - 

I followed the instructions on Autodesk for frequent crashes here:


And it crashes whether using the CPU or GPU rendering.

So I can't figure this out, why it doesn't work.  Anyone have any clues?


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Edit: I just downloaded a .ma scene file from Arnold and the problem is still happening, so it's not about the Mac or version of Maya, it's clearly something about the PC. 

I've tried following the instructions for frequent crashes in that link, I've tried re-installing and updating Maya, I know my hardware is driver updated, and my hardware is absolutely sufficient to run Maya Arnold. 

Any advice for anything else to try to diagnose why it keeps crashing would help. At this point, I can't even work because it crashes in five minutes of opening Maya.

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in reply to: greech82

Was there a CER report generated, submitted ?

a crash file generated in your %TEMP% directory

knowing where the crash is happening would go a long way to give suggestion

the system event log may have the module that is crashing

Wayne Arnold


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