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Beginner - Need help with exposure and rendering

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Beginner - Need help with exposure and rendering

Hello I am a beginner in Maya and trying to work on my final project. I am making a scene. My picture that I uploaded for the background looks great. However, when I do a test render on it to see what it looks like it is completely over exposed and way too bright. I have attached a photo. I haven't even added a camera or any lights yet and when I render its way too bright. Can someone help me fix this? And if so can you please give instructions to navigate to the options that help fix this just because I am new and not savvy enough to know where all menu options are yet. Any help would be appreciated just trying to work on my final. Thank you! 

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There can be multiple issues.

1. Maya Software renderer uses a default light. Disable it in Render Settings

2. Maya Software renderer does not support Color Management. Set Color Space of the image to "RAW".

3. Use "Surface Shader" as material, if you don't want any shading or impact of lights on the image.


You can also use Arnold for rendering instead of Maya Software.

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Thank you for your help. I have decided to just go with the Arnold render and there was no issues with that.

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