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Baking texture maps to vertex color channels of a mesh

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Baking texture maps to vertex color channels of a mesh

I asked this question in the Rendering forum but it has gotten no traction so I'm moving it here for a bit more visibility:


Hi all!  I would like to bake three texture maps to the RBG channels of the vertices on a mesh.  I baked the AO, thickness and curvature maps in Substance Painter, and now want to transfer those masks to the vertices of my mesh for material blending in Unreal. There doesn't seem to be a way to input textures in the Transfer Maps tool, and I didn't see any way to do this with the Paint Vertex Color tool either.  I feel like I used to be able to do this in Maya but it would have been several versions ago.  Hopefully that made sense, and hopefully someone knows how to do this 🙂 




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in reply to: melissaVMLZK

Double posting is against the forum rules Melissa, just bump your original post, this creates confusion for anyone trying to help. Hopefully someone knows a workflow for this or a tutorial link. Good luck.

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in reply to: damaggio

Ah, sorry about that!  I did bump that thread but still didn't get any response, but I just got your reply!  I'll go ahead and delete this one if I can and respond there.

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