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Automatically Adding Numbers to Naming Conventions?

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Automatically Adding Numbers to Naming Conventions?

Hey there everyone, new to the forums. I'm working on a rig for school, and all of the sudden as I was editing some of my naming conventions in the Outliner it started adding a number to the end of the name. If I try to delete the number it just adds another consecutive number (i.e., if I delete 1, it puts a 2). I'm sure this is an easy fix, but I'm relatively new to using Maya so I'm not sure what's going on, and frankly it's quite annoying. If anyone can tell me how to fix it or direct me to a previous thread with the same problem, I'd appreciate it.

And just in case you need to know

Running Maya 2010 on Mac OSX 10.5.8

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While it may seem annoying at first, this is Maya's way of helping you avoid headaches down the road.
You will get a number added to an objects name if you already have an object of that name in that group. There are some cases where you can avoid this number being added...but that is really not recommended. You should make sure every object has a unique name.
Often, implementing a number in your naming convention is a good way to keep things in your scene clean.
Good luck with the project.
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in reply to: bennorthup

It really isn't helpful. I don't need Maya to second guess me. It causes more problems when exporting meshes to another program like substance painter that uses a suffix when texturing. 

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in reply to: alanlashbrook

Exactly! I'm going through the exact same thing now and this is super annoying. Trying to get my meshes ready for Substance Painter and need to have all my Low poly objs matching the high poly ones. All objects that are part of the low poly need to end with a suffix of "low" and same with the high poly, that need to end with an "high". And with Maya adding numbers to it, it really doesn't help! In 3Ds Max this doesn't happen! IS there a way to fix this!? Thanks in advance!
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in reply to: brunogf13

If all your low poly objects are grouped.  And all your high poly objects are under another group.  Then you should be able to have identical naming on the objects themselves.  Then a simple script to add the suffix you need should solve the issue.

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in reply to: mcw0

I found a solution that works. Go to "Windows" > General Editors > then go to "Namespace Editor". Delete what ever names are not in use, and then you can rename your objects accordingly! Again, in 3Ds Max, this doesn't happen.
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Cracking good work, sir. Thanks for the follow-up. 

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