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Automatically add a window next to the outliner

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Automatically add a window next to the outliner

Hello everyone!

I've created a script that opens a dockable window. I'd like it if, when this script is executed, the window would automatically be placed next to the outliner, as you can see in the image.



Is it possible to do this? It would have to be in python.

At the moment, I can get the window to automatically move to the far left of the screen when it opens, but it really needs to be in the position shown in the screenshot.

Thank you very much for any help you can give me!

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Since you have already created your dockable panel you should be able to drag into the Outliner (right beside the Outliner tab). That'll insert it where you want. That location will get saved in your preferences and restore it next time you open Maya.


The specific MEL command to place it there is:

workspaceControl -edit -tabToControl Outliner 1 MyWorkspaceControl;

That of course assumes you have a workspaceControl created with the name MyWorkspaceControl.


I have created one in my userSetup.mel file with the following:

global proc createMyWorkspaceUI() 
menu -label "Edit";
menuItem -label "Cut";
menuItem -label "Copy";
menuItem -label "Paste";
button -label "Hello World!";

if (!`workspaceControl -exists MyWorkspaceControl`) {
-label "My Workspace"
-retain true
-floating true
-uiScript "createMyWorkspaceUI()"

That will make sure it exists when you run Maya.

The first time you run Maya with it, open the Script Editor and enter:

workspaceControl -edit -restore MyWorkspaceControl;


You should get your UI in a floating window. You can now drag it anywhere in the main Maya window. Or using the command I mentioned above set it to be a tab beside the Outliner.


Hope this helps!



Brian Kramer
Software Developer
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Thank you very much for your reply @brian.kramer .
Indeed, I tried your method and it works. However, I'm not sure how to set it up for my project.

In fact, the script in question that needs to be displayed is a python file located on a server (because there are several of us using it and when someone makes a change to it or adds a new script, everyone needs to have the new version of the tool in maya). To do this, we currently have a button in the classic maya shelf that calls the script in question , which is located on the server.

Based on your principle, do you know how I can display my script window?

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The way I have things set up is in userSetup.mel (which is automatically run at Maya startup) I have the following command:

source "/home/user/Documents/myWorkspaceUI.mel";

In myWorkspaceUI.mel I have the commands to create the UI as in my previous reply.

There is an equivalent script that gets automatically run at Maya startup. From there I think you can source your python script (with the full path to file on server) to create your workspace UI.

Brian Kramer
Software Developer

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