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Autodesk Maya viewport problem on Dual monitor.

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Autodesk Maya viewport problem on Dual monitor.

Hello I've been having problem running Maya2015 on secondary monitor on my new laptop.

My old laptop is 5 years old DELL using AMD Mobility Radeon HD 5000 and I havn't has any problem running maya 2015 on two monitors at all.

But I just got new MSI laptop GE72
-Intel Core i7-5700HQ Quad Core Processo
-NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960M 2G GDDR5

The problem is, when ever I move maya window to my secondary monitor, maya will freeze If I try to open quadview. And if I close maya on my secondary monitorand opem maya again, maya will open and freezed with white viewport.

Few more things that I noticed,
-I could tear off viewport and move it to secondary monitor just fine, but I couldn't move the main maya window to the second one, it will freeze once I open maya up again.

- I already force maya to use Nvidia card.
- My secondary monitor is a cintiq display, but I tried it on normal display but still cause the same problem.
- If I go into Display setting and switch my main display to my cintiq, maya will work fine on cintiq but freeze on my laptop display.
- I just returned MSI GE62 which use GTX960m because of this same problem, and now I'm having the exact same problem again on MSI GE72.

Maya will work just fine as long as I don't move the main program window to the secondary monitor, but this doesn't seem to be the solution for me.

Anyone have been experience this kind of issue?
If you need any more information about my laptop please let me know, I really want this problem solved.


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in reply to: takbubumen

im having the same issue here with a brand new MSI laptop GE62 6qf Apache Pro....... maybe a problem with windows 10.. ? any solutions?

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in reply to: likenota

Hello likenota

 was the one that posted this topic and I'm still with my MSI GE72 Apache Pro.

I haven't really have any solution for this problem but I have been using it for almost a year, so I kinda know what to do to avoid Maya to freeze.

Once I have this in mind, I don't really have any problem using the laptop or Maya.
I always keep the main window on the main screen and sometimes move graph editor to the secondary monitor.
You could move Maya to secondary monitor and use it  but whenever you want to close the program you will need to move the window back to your main display or Maya won't launch the next time you launch the program.
( If this happens you can fix it by deleting your pref folder)

I remember trying all these on Lenovo Y50 laptop and I did't have any problem, that lenovo have NVIDIA GeForce 860M.

I noticed that Maya will sometime freeze if you try to resize any window on the secondary monitor, it might have something to do with openGL.
but I don't know much technical stuff. and might also have something to do with  NVIDIA GTX960M

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in reply to: takbubumen

Hello, there is a confirmed bug on Windows 10 Maya 2017 Update 1 using dual monitors. I understand you are using different hardware OS etc. But it may be the same type of issue. I and another user simply stopped using the secondary monitor for the most part (they actually disconnected it) and that has helped my particular issues. I can't say it will help yours, but it is worth a try to not put anything on the second monitor and see how it goes. Obviously, updating video drivers after doing any OS updates is recommended, as I have been told the OS updates can alter/corrupt the video drivers.


Hope you get it working and/or they can give us a patch soon to fix this.


Good luck!





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in reply to: L.Buckley

Yeah im havign the same issues with maya 2017 and dual monitors - i have to unplug my screen and boot maya single screen - or remember to put all tabs back onto one window when closing maya

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in reply to: calvinos

is there a way to default maya to have all windows back to the main screen?. I don't want to have to unplug my monitor just to use Maya. windows 10 sucks. I wish there was an easy solution to get Maya on linux. 

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I am having the same issue , if i have maximized window on my second monitor ( hypershade , Render view ..) maya completly freezes . If you guys have any solution for this let me know .

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in reply to: strajkyHEJTU

Hi all!


This is a known issue and our dev team is working on implementing a fix for a future update.


The reason this is taking a while to properly implement is properly working with dual monitor set ups can be quite complex.


I personally work on two monitors at home, both with different resolutions, and have never had an issue. Here at Autodesk I have a triple monitor set up, one being a 4k and again have not had issues.


And yet we see these issues occur all for users across a wide variety of set ups.


  • Some using a laptop for one screen and a desktop for another.
  • Using different cables like hdmi, dvi or display adapters
  • One monitor 4k and another standard

So while it can be a frustrating issue, I wanted to clarify a bit as to what makes this issue so tough to deal with and just wanted to let everybody know that there will be an update that should solve this issue!


I hope this helps you all in some way but if you need any more information feel free to post again and I'd be happy to help!



If one or more of these posts helped answer your question, please click Accept as Solution on the posts that helped you so others in the community can find them easily.


Kudos are greatly appreciated. Everyone likes a thumbs up!




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in reply to: sean.heasley



Do you have a fix?  I'm on Maya 2018.2 and the same problem in dual screen mode. This is true more specifically with the graph editor.

I've Nvidia GTX 2070 : a monitor on HDMI and another monitor on DP cable.

Can you tell me if you have a solution because it's impossible to work in camera animation without a viewport on both screens...




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same here, msi laptop + asus portable screen.
maya crash when I open it with the second screen connected.

any solution? I'm using maya 2018.5


maybe Maya 2019?

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For me it was caused by 3th party software ( audio software for my headphones )  after i uninstaled that everything was all right .

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@strajkyHEJTU wrote:

For me it was caused by 3th party software ( audio software for my headphones )  after i uninstaled that everything was all right .

thanks for your reply

how did you figure that was the cause?

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in reply to: takbubumen

I'm using 2019 and I am now experiencing this issue. 


The strange thing about it is that it was working properly until I moved my primary drive over to a new PC that I just built. It was working fine before on ASUS motherboard/i7 processor. Now with an MSI motherboard/i9 processor the problem has occurred. I've used Maya on a lot of different computers and I believe this is the first time I've used it on an MSI board, this is also the first time I've experienced this issue. 


After this experience and reading the other comments on here. It almost seems to be related to MSI. 



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in reply to: takbubumen

I am experiencing this issue on a brand new laptop, and have downloaded all updates.

-MAYA LT 2017 With 1 or more auxiliary displays freezes when trying to open application, freezes when using viewport(when you hit spacebar)

-MAYA LT 2018 With 1 or more auxiliary displays freezes when trying to open application, freezes when using viewport(when you hit spacebar)


-MAYA LT 2019 Above issue is not present, instead the UV tools in the UV editor do not work.

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Hello, does your laptop have any MSI component? it has been few years since I made this post and it seems to narrow down to MSI motherboard.
Just curious.

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It does

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Ok, it seems to consistency related to MSI board.

Recently at my office, people have been getting PC upgrade, and then we suddenly have report of the similar issue on the secondary monitor from multiple people. We haven't had this problem before for a year or two. All the new computer have an MSI motherboard.

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Same thing here, our 3d team finally was able to get some new laptops and we have all been having issues.
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same, i have MSI gs65. maya crash when i open it while a floating window is active.
but if I open Maya without any other floating panel (from maya) didn't crash.

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I am starting to feel like this is an MSI problem and maybe Autodesk cannot fix it?
Is there anywhere we could post to MSI about this bug? It seems to be bigger and bigger of a problem.

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