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Arnold render window will resize itself and jumps across screens

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Arnold render window will resize itself and jumps across screens

After I've situated all my windows when I click render, the render window will resize itself and move across the screen strewn out between two screens .. and that causes a lag.  Is there any way we can lock the renderer window keep it from resizing and moving every time because it becomes problematic on multiple levels.



Regards, John 

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in reply to: johnstifter

Having this issue too - I position the window carefully in a corner so it won't overlap other important windows, but when I start rendering, the window widens up and covers up the windows next to it (which is usually my main Maya window.)

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in reply to: slhodak

No versions? no OS?

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in reply to: johnstifter

Sorry, good points. 2023.3, Windows 10.

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in reply to: johnstifter

Hi @johnstifter 


That sounds frustrating! @Stephen.Blair is this something you have encountered before?


I'm not seeing any specific Arnold UI lock settings but i could be off base! I would always recommend, if you aren't on the latest version of Arnold (MtoA, to download that and see if the issue persists. 



Hagen Deloss
Community Manager | Media & Entertainment
Installation & Licensing forums | Contact product support | Autodesk AREA


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in reply to: johnstifter

Hi @hagen.deloss ! I have what I hope is some more helpful detail for you. It happens when IPR is watching for changes, and I change a shader in Hypershade by connecting a new node to one of the shader's ports, triggering a rerender and also resizing the window.

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in reply to: slhodak

Well, not every time apparently...

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in reply to: hagen.deloss

Thanks i'll give it a try. a bit off subject where can I go with a 88,000 lined sketch based modeling tool script ? Also I'm am looking for a place to see what people are doing with copilot and GPT4.

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