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Arnold MtoA GPU Sample Settings

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Arnold MtoA GPU Sample Settings

Are there plans to open up the samples settings (i.e., diffuse, specular, transmission, SSS, volume indirect) for Arnold GPU in the near future?

I am having a difficult time reducing noise levels in my GPU renderings to match those of my CPU renderings. I adjust my settings according to the Arnold documentation (i.e., increase camera (AA) and use adaptive sampling). However, the setting levels necessary to match the CPU render quality cause my GPU renders to take nearly as much time to render as the CPU. If we were able to target the source of the noise and adjust the appropriate sample setting (e.g., diffuse only), our GPU renders may be able to achieve CPU quality with faster rendering times.

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We're working on improving sampling in general, and adaptive sampling in particular.

That's how we'll improve noise quality on the GPU


Ray splitting (eg four diffuse rays for one camera ray) on the GPU has some non-trivial technical challenges and isn't something you'll see soon. In fact, it would be great from a usability standpoint (less parameters to tweak and less expert knowledge required) if we could remove it on the CPU too.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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@Stephen.Blair ,


Thank you. That is good to know.  I am looking forward to the improvements.

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That's great you're working on it. Still, It's hard to get it to target in the case of my current render the transmission samples. I'm trying to use adaptive sampling but it ends up adding extra samples to the rest of the scene where the denoise will handle it fine. Because the transmission element of my scene is so noisy, unless I crank the settings I can't get a good denoise result.

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