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arnold id pass is black and white

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arnold id pass is black and white

Hi, I have problem with arnold aov Id pass.

i wanted to render id pass using arnold renderer.

it seemed good when i pre-rendered with arnold renderview, it had color, but when i rendered it, The id pass is just black and white image. i changed data type, filter, and changed materials of the objects inside the scene, then reset preferences, still none of it worked.


i searched about it and there was bunch of tutorials about rendering color id pass. but it seemed too complicate and had to put too much effort for a single common-used pass(+there was one guy rendered id pass without any additional settings.), so i think i'm missing something to make it easy.

so, this is my question.....



how do i render colored Id pass? and is it normal my id pass rendered black and white?

i really need help. thanks.....


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The ID aov is an integer aov. All the values are integers like 12345678, not colors. 
For previewing, the Arnold Render View maps those to IDs to colors.

You can add an AOV that uses the Utility shader in Object ID mode.
Or use cryptomatte.
Those are easy to add.

// Stephen Blair
// Arnold Renderer Support
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Thank you!!

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