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Arnold displacement sending some vertices sideways across the whole model

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Arnold displacement sending some vertices sideways across the whole model


I use displacements a lot to create hi-poly models, sometimes I get a few vertices shooting off across the model and I have to go in and clean up, any ideas how I can avoid this? I'm playing about with the source filetypes and resolutions as there's not much else to change in the process of bringing them in as far as I can tell.


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Please share more about the setup. How do you get to this point.

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So I created a box mesh with a fair amount of divisions then apply an aiStandardSurface shader to it, select a displacement map I’ve created in Illustrator, in the Arnold section of the object I select CatClark and up the iterations to 4 or 5, setting the negative height then use the Bake Selected Geometry function, nothing different from the usual technique.

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I assume those verticies are coming from the edge of the cube. Cause displacement is only pushing in the normal direction. 


How does it look if you use the same texture on a plane?

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They come from flat areas of the displacement as if you delete the extended faces there's a hole created of course so it's easy to see, it's as if there's extra information in the source displacement image sending what should be no change, other than the tessellation, to the geometry. I'll it on a plane but I suspect it'd be the same. In the past when I've had this, it always tends to be on a 'flat' displacement, it may be I need to double check tue image but it's happened a few times over the years. This is for an etched plaque and i know they've caused issues before, high detail debossing/etching on a flat object.
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Does It look the same if you render it. Without converting to geo?


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