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Are NVIDIA RTX A1000/A2000 (mobile workstation graphics cards) OK for Maya?

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Are NVIDIA RTX A1000/A2000 (mobile workstation graphics cards) OK for Maya?

I’m looking at a Lenovo P1 Gen5 (a laptop workstation), and need to run some Maya on it (though I don’t consider myself a Maya power user, at least not on the rendering front.)


While it’s available with higher end graphics cards, I was hoping the RTX A1000 / A2000 would be adequate for what I need.  I have heard these are roughly in the ballpark of a GeForce 3050.


But I was concerned that neither the RTX A1000 / A2000 is on the Certified list for Maya 2023.  My guess is, they’d function, but maybe not great.  What would I lose compared to, say, the A3000?


Thank you!

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Ignore the Maya certified lists - you don't actually get any additional support or guarantees by having something from that list, even in the event of driver issues. 


I would not consider either of those cards. The A1000 mobile is slower than a 3050... but the main problem is they both have only 4GB VRAM which limits scene size & texture capacity quite severely. The A3000 mobile with 6GB might be ok if you're not planning any heavy scenes on it.


If you want more speed for your money GeForce mobile is your best bet. I like workstation mobile cards because they run cooler and quieter, but they achieve this by being clocked slower which means slightly less performance, so you need deep pockets if you want a more capable one like the A4000/5000.

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