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Archive scene error

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Archive scene error

Hey everyone,


I've been having an issue archiving my scene. In the past I have been able to export my scene just fine but now I have this error pop up after my scene saves before zipping the file


# Error: line 0: TypeError: file C:/Program Files/Autodesk/Maya2022\Python37\lib\ line 526: _getfullpathname: path should be string, bytes or os.PathLike, not NoneType


Here's a screenshot of the error


Have any of you run into this issue or have a workaround for this?


Just to note, I copied a previous environment scene on top of my character. Could having the source files for the environment in a different project folder than the current on be causing the issue?


Thanks in advance!

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Did you found the solution yet?

i just got the same issues


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in reply to: td97720

I think it has something to do with volumetrics in a scene. I optimized my scene to get rid of any unnecessary nodes first and that seemed to fix the issue. Keep in mind that if you have volumetrics in your scene that you will need to turn it back on and adjust your settings. I hope this helps!

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OMG this is truly helped, thanks!

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I was having the EXACT same issue but I didn't have anything special in my scene.. (no volumetrics).  However, I went through and did an 'Optimize Scene Size' (under File) and tried to do as rigorous of a job as I could cleaning up unused nodes, etc., and I was able to FINALLY get Archive scene to work.


I know this is a late reply, but since this was the first thing that popped up for me [on Google anyhow] for this error, I thought I'd contribute since this seems like a problem since Maya 2019 or so.  I'm using Maya 2020.1 now, and Maya really should catch this error with a dialogue of "Too many Broken nodes, Optimize Scene First" [or whatever] - just something so it doesn't feel like all hope is lost with the red-error-of-death on the lower right hand side 😉

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