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anyone wanna buy me a year subsciption for keyshot;)

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anyone wanna buy me a year subsciption for keyshot;)

ive noticed in my travels that a lot of people are using keyshot, im not familiar with it at all, ive googled it and it seems to be pretty good, ive been using non commercial renderman, ive watched different videos of renders reviews and the quality of the renders look the same to me,

what rendering software are you using? and why?


wrong forum can you put in rendering

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in reply to: Ιάσονας

Your question is misleading, no one is gonna buy you anything.

Maybe you wrote wrong? Please reply with a correction so we can understand better.

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well if you can't tell im joking then there is something wrong with you, do me a favour dont ever respond again to any of my posts

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in reply to: Ιάσονας

Your post belongs to everyone now, you have no control over it anymore, and I only thought you made a mistake, this is not the first time you’ve been rude to me, you should be a little more cordial and behave like a colleague here, in any case, I’ll be happy to help you next time you have a problem with Maya , that’s what I’ve been doing here for 20 years, after all I’m an Autodesk  Expert elite  and Mentor.
I will tell what renderer I use and why shortly.

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in reply to: Ιάσονας

I switched to Vray on the Last Jedi when Mental Ray was abandoned by Autodesk and became outdated.

Vray was the perfect choice for my film work and the customer support is the best and you can have your suggestions be considered and developed for a future release in a very short time, Vray is old and has a lot of tutorials , recently they added an incredible free library of shaders and models that come in handy quite often.

Vray offers nightlies updates to the software and is constantly adding more speed and tools to improve your work….amongst many other features.
Other great renderers are Arnold, Renderman and Redshift, these are used in big and medium studios and will most likely be around for many decades to come. They are also to some extent similar to each other within Maya.


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I agree that the title is misleading, as @damaggio says. Be careful next time! 👍

Now I'm being friendly, so to answer your question, I render the format in OpenEXR in Arnold. I don't do that anymore.
I no longer need to render because I am unemployed. I use PlayBlast instead.
I installed QuickTime Alternative and PlayBlast with mov, but my favorite media player won't play it anymore.😭

However, I bought the 1-year version of Adobe Creative Cloud because it was on sale in April in Japan. Even though it was on sale, it cost almost $500.
Well, since I bought Adobe Creative Cloud, I export to mp4 with Adobe Media Encoder and watch it.

I've updated Windows 10 and it used to play fine, I'm sick of Microsoft updating Windows.
I have asked Autodesk Maya ASAP to make PlayBlast to MP4 and importable audio format to MP3, but nobody knows.
If you would like to vote, I would appreciate it and it will increase the chances of Autodesk fulfilling the request.




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