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Alpha Gain on Image Plane is not functioning Maya 2023

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Alpha Gain on Image Plane is not functioning Maya 2023

This may be a bug, however, I would like some confirmation.

System being used:
Windows 10
Graphics Card: GeForce RTX 2080

Clean install Maya 2023

Default Preferences

The Alpha Gain setting on the Image Plane no longer appears to be functioning.

When a JPG or PNG is uploaded, the Alpha Gain merely turns the image off when the value goes below 0.05.
The value of the image is not affected until then.

Is this a bug or is there some new setting or node that is required to get this affect.




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in reply to: mayanim8

Hi sorry for the delay. I tested with both a jpg and a png in 2022 and 2023 and the Alpha Gain is working correctly. Is this still a problem? If so, perhaps there's a setting on the imagePlaneShape node that you didn't notice. Does this happen with all jpgs and pngs? Thanks, Catherine

Catherine McGinnis
Maya Quality Assurance
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in reply to: mayanim8

ralpha gain onlyalpha gain onlyalpha and color gain combinedalpha and color gain combined

The only way I can get Maya 2023 and 2024 to adjust the transparency (alpha gain) of a png or jpg image plane is to adjust both the alpha gain and color gain in the attribute editor.  In all previous versions I could adjust the alpha gain in the channel box or input values and have the transparency respond.

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in reply to: glenhintz2551

Still works here in 2023 just adjusting the Alpha Gain slider, I have not used 2024 yet.

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in reply to: glenhintz2551

I am having the same issue, any new work arounds for this problem?

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in reply to: jbobe03

Update your version to Maya 2023.3.

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