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All of my maya files are empty

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All of my maya files are empty

I'm doing my 3d character for school and I worked on it for hours. I was almost done but then my model suddenly disappeared. I saved the project in multiple files(with save as) and checked all of those files and each of them are empty. No model, no cameras, no panels, literally everything is gone. The program didn't even crash. I noticed that all of my files take up some memory, so I guess there is something but I can't see it in outliner, it's empty. 

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Please tell me the status of Hypergraph, the version of Maya you are using, the operating system, and the format in which you saved the file. We need more information.


Did you create a project folder? If you did, you may have opened the data in the wrong folder.
Typically, the data you worked with is saved in the Scenes folder. Did you save it to a different location by mistake?

I hope this helps you.


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