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All Maya .mb file thumbnails turned white after upgrade - any help?

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All Maya .mb file thumbnails turned white after upgrade - any help?



I upgraded from version 2018 to 2019 and suddenly all my Maya .mb file icon thumbnails turned white (pic1) and need to be told what program to use with the "Open with" function in Windows.  


If I tell the file which program to use - Maya 2019 - the default Maya icon appears as the thumbnail and not the usual .mb file thumbnail icon (pic2).  I've tried restarting Maya and doing a repair etc but all the file icon thumbnails are still not what they should be.  Any help on it?






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Hi @btjjji_934 

-In some situations we can fix it with windows default apps settings.


-But I think the easiest and clear way to fix it  is using an app to manage file extensions like "File Types Man" 


   here is how to fix that with "File Types Man" :

._double click on the extension (.ma).

._chose MayaAsciiFile for User choice.

._watch the video attachment "manageFileExt.mp4":


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Hey thanks for getting back! I figured it out just now and realised I had a few old 2018 files that I needed to delete that didn't automatically when I uninstalled 2018.  And then I just opened an .mb file in 2019 and all the thumbnails changed to the correct file association! Thanks again for your help 🙂 

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Hello I have the same problem, and I tried your solution but the extensions .ma and .mb do not appear I think the problem arose when installing 2 versions of maya: 2020 and 2022, is there anything I can do that does not require reinstalling the? Program? , Thanks.

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