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align tool not working as it should

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align tool not working as it should

I am trying to move my pivot to the top left corner of my object:



But when I click on align "max Y" and "min X", Maya doesn't put the pivot where it should be (green dot), as shown in the below video:

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Hold down D and move it there.

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Well I have hundreds of meshes like this, I am trying to do it in one shot, this is why I am using align pivot tool instead of the edit pivot approach because then all the pivots will be on that particular object edge.

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not sure what you mean but you can try keyboard(insert)i believe on mac its d, then snap to pivot, press c for curve v or point,

or hold w and click in space, brings up a menu, keepfaces together on or off, plus you got your world and object

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neverminded, I did everything by hand.

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