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ADSK Process -> GPU Copy and Cuda 90-100%, no known reason

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ADSK Process -> GPU Copy and Cuda 90-100%, no known reason

Hi all, Autodesk support said that they had never heard of the "ADSK" process. 

I have seen several systems (often that run Maya, ADSK looks = Autodesk...) doing this, fans spun up and 

Taskmgr -> Performance -> GPU Copy and GPU Cuda baseline 90% and spiking to 100% for hours on end.

No rendering is occurring during this process execution.


What could it be? Nvidia hasnt heard of it either.

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Furthermore the source exe is ADSK.exe

The process can be killed with - SO FAR - no negative side effects.


We're spotting this on brand new GPUs now - very common after rendering was completed. But we're not certain when it happens.

And we dont know why.

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Without access to your system I can't say what exactly is happening here,

but "ADSK.exe" is known for being malware (trojan) and for being used for cracking Autodesk Software.

If your GPU usage is so high, I currently guess you are mining any cryptocurrency for someone else.


I highly recommend that your admin or any other person who is responsible for security checks the system:

- Where does this file come from?

- Is the system indeed infected?

If the system was infected:

- Clean the system.

- Solve possible security issues to prevent this from happening again.


At first I recommend to simply disable the autostart of this process until it's cleared what's happening here.

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