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3d re-lightin over 2d footage?

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3d re-lightin over 2d footage?

Hi there experts!! im currently working on a DVD and there is a blue spotlight on the right side of the stage and a red one on the left but on closeup shots you cant see it. im looking for a way to make those lights to be seen on our talent during those shots. my question is, what would be the best aproach to make it look the most realistic as possible? i came up with the idea of creating a normal map of each frame and create a PNG image sequence so i could map the light hitting the talents surfaces and make a mask out of that light to put as layer on top of the footage, but i am a total noobie in this VFX business (but im trying hard to learn it and i am loving it!!) and have no clue on how to do it,   would this work? anyone has any sugestions on how to do this? 

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That's roughly the idea.  But how are you creating your normals?

What is typically done is the talent is scanned and a digital model is built.  Source of normals.  Then the model is rigged and matchmoved to the footage.  Now you have animated normals with which you can relight your talent.  Or you could skip the normals and just relight your animated model and output left and right lighting passes to comp back onto your footage.

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Thanks a lot for your reply!!! since i am just starting to learn 3d, i did
not know where to get my normals from, so i've used photoshop 3d tool to
create my normals based on the footage, frame by frame, then i applied it
to an image plane and i was trying to figure out how to make only the
desired areas to interact with the light, thats the point i got stuck (so
far), do i really need to build an entire actual 3d model of the talent,
taking into consideration that i am only trying to re-light the talent on
footage? if the answer is yes then i will get right down to it. i cant find
any specific tutorials on this on the internet.

thanks e best regards
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in reply to: shaw021

I haven't used PS in quite awhile so I'm not aware of this new capability you speak of.  It sounds quite interesting.  If you can generate 3D data in PS, then by all means, use that.  I was only describing the traditional way of doing what you described.  And to do it right would entail 3D scanning the talent to get as close a match as possible.  If all you have is the final footage, then it's not going to be an option.  I'm going to have to read up on this new 3D capability in PS.

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the adobe photoshop 2021 has a new 3D feature called "Create normals", it
takes some minor tweeks (exposure, levels etc) to establish the right lows
and highs, but it worked when i created the image plane and added a
displace node using these PNG normals files as image sequence, then i got
stuck because the lights still hit the low parts of the 3D normals making
the entire process useless, now i am trying to figure out how to exclude
the lows entirely as transparency or something. Any ideas? sorry to be
taking your time tho. i guess i will try to build the talent in 3d model
without scan but im not sure how it will play out since i am just starting
on the 3d world, im afraid it will be terrible.... but a valuable lesson
nevertheless. thanks for your reply and for your time. God Bless!!

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