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3D Paint tool Eye Dropper hotkey not working

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3D Paint tool Eye Dropper hotkey not working

Hi all - when I'm using the 3D Paint tool to paint directly on my 3D model in the viewport, the eye dropper tool (under the 'Color' rollout in the 3D Paint Tool tool settings) works well. However, when I use the hotkey (for "Pick Color Activate", by default set to "/"), the eyedropper icon will appear in the viewport, but then nothing happens. Once I release "/", my currently selected color doesn't change to color my cursor is hovering over in the viewport. Clicking LMB while holding "/" does nothing either. Yet, when I click on the eye dropper icon directly in the 3D paint tool settings windows, it works perfectly (click on eye dropper, then click on color on model in viewport, and it grabs the color as my current color). Any suggestions?

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in reply to: Kevinmalluc

me too!!! im veryvery sad that!

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in reply to: j830930

Hello @j830930 and @Kevinmalluc,


please vote for this feature in the Maya Idea Station: Activate the hot key "/" for the eye-dropper tool in 3d painting mode in Maya.


Feel free to create Ideas at the Maya Idea Station. Development team is monitoring this board with high attention.


Best regards,



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