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[2023] Maya won't start on MacBook Pro 2012

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[2023] Maya won't start on MacBook Pro 2012



I successfully installed Maya 2023 on my MacBook Pro 2012 (Catalina 10.15.7) and can not run the software. The Maya icon keeps bouncing for a few seconds until it suddenly stops and nothing else happens.
I already contacted the support. They couldn't help me either and suggested to post this into forums.
What I've tried so far:

-installing an earlier version (2020 and 2022)
-removing all Autodesk products (which is Maya 2023 only) and reinstall
-following a link sent by customer support and download the update file 2023.1 for Maya
-cleaning cache/cookies from browser
-signing out and in on my MacBook
-using Maya terminal with the command "sudo maya"

Non of these things worked for me so far and iirc Catalina 10.15.7 still supports Maya.
I had a similar issue on my Windows PC but with Maya 2020 which could not be installed at all.
Did someone encounter the same issue?


Recorded my screen and attached.

Best regards,


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in reply to: Vanejk

Hello @Vanejk 


Can you please send me the exact specifications of your MacBook? You can find it by clicking on the Apple Icon > About this Mac.


Did you already perform a clean uninstall by deleting all files and folders as described in this article: Perform a clean uninstall.


Looking forward to hearing from you!


Best regards,



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