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[2020.3] Mash Python node not working anymore

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[2020.3] Mash Python node not working anymore


Looks like in maya 2020 the Mash python node is not working anymore, working fine in maya 2019

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in reply to: abercaine

I'm also highly interested to know why this isn't working. Thanks in advance for any reply.

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At the same time, the Mainframe North Bool plug-in also stopped development.
Maya plug-in development company and also removed the Autodesk trademark. Maybe Autodesk stopped funding them?

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Hi @abercaine @mimi.faks ,


What update version are you seeing this behavior in? I do see this logged on our side, but also its marked as a resolved issue. I tested this in Maya 2020 update 2 and it seems to work for me (at least the creation of the python node doesn't fail). 











Is there a specific operation that isn't working on your side, or is node creation failing to be created?


Warm regards, 




Hagen Deloss
Community Manager | Media & Entertainment
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hi @hagen.deloss 
as stated in the title it's 2020.3, on my side it's a window machine.
And i'm doing exactly like what you are doing here, the node got created but the cubes don't go up.
and it's working fine with maya 2019.3 

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in reply to: abercaine


I can confirm this.

The Python node is ignored in Maya 2020.3 .

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in reply to: abercaine

It doesn't seem to be working in 2020.4 either. Node is created fine, the mash network just ignores it completely.

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in reply to: abercaine

I can also confirm that in 2020.4 on linux this still is not working.


I've tested the python node via print functions which seems to indicate node execution at least, but any of the standard setData() operations for rotation or position don't seem to do anything to any of the instances.  Any update on Autodesk's end?

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import openMASH

def updatePositions(data):
    from maya.api.OpenMaya import MVector as vec
    # Determine the number of instances
    count = data.count()
    # Update each instance's position.
    pos = [ data.outPosition[i] for i in range(count) ]
    data.outPosition = [ vec(p.x, i, p.z) for i, p in enumerate(pos) ]

# Initialise the MASH network data
md = openMASH.MASHData(thisNode)

# This is how to get the frame number
frame = md.getFrame()

# Tell MASH to write the network data

Above codes works fine.

I hijacked the codes from the Maya 2023.

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