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2018.1 Hypershade layout bug is back

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2018.1 Hypershade layout bug is back

When clicking Show Input and Output connections, sometimes they Hypershade will completely mess up the node display and/or stack them so you can't see them (see image). This is after a preferences reset.


A new scene starts out ok, but in every scene I've worked on as the scene grows it happens to all of them... it would seem like the Hypershade has a scalability problem in dealing with lots of nodes or connections. From memory this bug was last prominent 2016.5.



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in reply to: arcon76

Hi @arcon76


Thanks for posting this information!


I checked with our dev team and this has been logged and is being worked on by them!


Please let me know if there's any thing else I can do to help you Smiley Happy



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We are experiencing the same issue.  Is there some kind of a workaround while we wait for the fix? 



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in reply to: ZigaPokorn3479

Hi, I've noticed the bug is still there in 2018.3 which I've recently installed.
One thing you can try, make a new scene, and import your whole scene into it, save as a new file. I'm not sure if it permanently fixes it, but it has a couple of times.
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in reply to: arcon76

Yeah, I forgot to mention that.  For me, the problem occurred in update 2018.3 after working just fine for some time now.


Thanks for the feedback. Will try that.




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in reply to: arcon76

This isn't actually a bug, this is caused from the nodes pushing against the outer boundary of the hyperhade grid.


You can check this by clicking the grid icon. It should show the hypershade background has a grid that ends on the left or right side of your nodes, effectively pushing them on top of each other.


If you move these nodes back towards the center of the grid and try mapping or using the arrange nodes button it should work now for all subsequent placements of materials.

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