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1) free trial, versions 2) Maya vs Indie

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1) free trial, versions 2) Maya vs Indie


1) Does anyone know just to be sure that for a free trial... at first only the current version of a product like Maya for example (Maya 2024) is available until you get it, then other previous versions become downloadable right?


2a) Is MAYA-INDIE just as good as MAYA (promisingly)?  even if the price of getting MAYA-INDIE for lets say... 1-year is too cheaper than MAYA 2024...I guess because it dosent involve "eligible financing" right?


2b) Unlike 1-year really the only term for purchasing Maya-INDIE?



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maya indie is the exact same only difference is you can only make up to a 100k,

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Hmm ok, was I right though on #1?

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trial will be the same

the only thing is what license you buy, and a purchase is only for 1 year for indie,

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