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XGen Groomable Splines error HELP PLEASE!!!

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XGen Groomable Splines error HELP PLEASE!!!

Hello everyone.


I'm using Maya 2018 Student Version.


I'm very new to hair dynamics. I started exploring the XGen to create fur for my character. I tried using Groomable Splines and wanted to export the grooming (I mean the yellow lines on the pink grid) to import it to another .ma file later. But I messed something up with the saving/exporting directories at the section on the screenshot attached. As I remember, I browsed for a new path for Export parameter but there's a slight chance I accidently did it for XUV. The path contained non-latin letters.


After that I got this line:

# Error: line 1: UnicodeEncodeError: file C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2018\plug-ins\xgen\scripts\xgenm\xmaya\ line 1390: ascii


This shows up at almost every move I do on the fur.


Since then, when I edit the file where it all happened or create a new file and try grooming with the Groomable Splines, the error still shows up. Plus I can't see the Settings and Log sections in Grooming tab any more (although the brushes such as Part, Smooth, Orient etc are still there). I can't edit the density or average length of the yellow-pink lines but still can groom them with brushes. But primitives don't follow them at all.


After a while I realised the issue might be in the path with non-latin letters and changed the name of the folder to English but this didn't help either.


Sorry for the poor explanation, I really am extremely new to this and don't know proper appellations of all the stuff yet.


So my question is what have I done to my programm? Does anybody know a solution for this error? That would be a pity to brake down my XGen before even getting to know how to properly use it, LOL


Any suggestions ASAP please!!!

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So I know Xgen can be fun to learn and also complicated sometimes. I might suggest that you set a project and use the default folder for the Xgen saves. The error could be the plugin not loading correctly, you can try unchecking the xgen plugin, restart Maya, then re-enable the plugin. Maybe that will help. For Xgen saves and load locations and other information I've included a link to the article. 


Here is an article from Autodesk Knowledge Network on Where does xgen load and save files? The following is a clip from that article.

"As an alternative to a Project Folder, an absolute path can be assigned to a given location. You can add multiple paths if need be:

Autodesk Knowledge Network Xgen File PathAutodesk Knowledge Network Xgen File Path"


There are a few more tips on that page hopefully that helps. 

Good Luck!

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in reply to: cavescholar

Thank you for a quick answer!

I've reset my maya prefs a few days ago and it resolved the problem. But the article you attached helped me understand better the overall structure of collection and descriptions paths, I apreciate your time!

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