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What to do next for characters using ncloth?

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What to do next for characters using ncloth?

I been looking everywhere online but i find no answers on what to do, i'm new at Maya. Everything for the character model is ready but for some reason the dots that hold the clothing to character (point to surface) don't move with character. Yet i see in youtube videos that they do move with character, so i'm confused if there is a step that should be done.


Also i'm confused on what to do next. Do i rig my character with ncloth or do i not do that? Oh and when i rig my character does the models that don't have passive collision; will those have collision when rigged?


I plan on having the character animated and will dance, so something like a ballerina. It sounds simple but i really just want to know the best way to go about it, Thanks for reading.


After a week and no help, i just decided to test both ways. The rigging method was no good, i'm sure it can be used somehow but no way is it ok for clothing that are very close to the character or other type of clothing. That is why i did it outside the rigging process and works well. I still don't understand why Maya makes everything but the ncloth moveable. This is just dumb and leads to many problems when doing poses.

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