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nCloth contraint not responding to changes

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nCloth contraint not responding to changes

Hi all,


Once again I find myself following tutorials to the T, and once again everyone seems to get the same results but me. 

I want to make some simple curtains, and I've created an nCloth surface, and a passive collider cylincer with subdivisions as curtain rails. 

Steps are as follows. 

1. Select top vertices of my nCloth surface. 
2. Select my cylincer

3. nConstraint > points to surface 
4. Start interactive playback
5. Scale my cylincer

And well, these are the results:

Very frustrating as it seems to be fairly simple process. But then again, the simple stuff never works for me for some reason. 

So if someone could help me out that would be great. 

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In the video it looks like the cloth is not intersecting the cylinder, but it is. I already tried several times. 

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