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Backburner 2019 Install Guide and Backburner 2019 User Guide

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Backburner 2019 Install Guide and Backburner 2019 User Guide

I am looking for some good documentation for Backburner 2019 for a newbie with Mac OS X setup. All the docs I found on google and Autodesk Site are vague and do not tell me step by step on how to install and use this software. Like "backburner.installer-2019.0.0-005.x86_64.mpkg What is this installer for? and how do I use it? Same with the other 3 files backburner-2019.0.0-005.x86_64.pkg, autodesk.webentry-2017.0.0-484.x86_64.pkg and autodesk.backburner.monitor-2019.0.0-005.x86_64.pkg. There should be a read me file in this folder telling me this. Can anyone help me get my Backburner render server up with some good documentation. so I can focus on learning Maya.


Thanks, Patrick

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Access the Backburner download via the App Store here:  Autodesk Backburner.

All information you can get from this article - Network rendering with Backburner

Tony Su
Product Support
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Very lacking and missing vital in formation.

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