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When making walk cycle maya runs out of memory (Does not crash)

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When making walk cycle maya runs out of memory (Does not crash)

Hi, im new to maya animation and i donยดt really have anyone to ask questions about the program right now. So im trying to learn from viedos and patch it together somehow.


So, now im making a woman with long hair, tail and a floorlength dress. I rigged the body and i used nCloth to make the dress move more realistically. At first, when i made her walk with everyting on i used about 80% of my memory but now (i only changed the friction and stickiness) i use over 95% of my memory (i incresed in preferences). 


i get this error:

Cached Playback: Memory dedicated to caching has reached its limit, so caching has stopped. To keep working with caching, reduce your playback range or allocate more memory to caching in the Cached Playback section of the Preferences
# Warning: Cached Playback: Out of memory. Allocated memory limit for caching has been reached so caching has stopped. See the Script Editor for details.


is there any way to decrese the memory usage so i can render all of my 5 frames?

Skรคrmbild 2024-03-26 115740.png




This above is when the program isnt making the animation of the dress


Thanks in advance


Also, if anyone have a good toutorial of how to make nHair and animate it i would be greatful. ๐Ÿ™‚

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Cached Playback is a setting that lets the system cache out and save dynamics. In your posted image, it's not highlighted, so you may have turned that issue off. 




When you are doing a playback to see the dymamics, if Cached playback is on, it will use the set amount you chose (or default in preferences) 



If it's still saying it's running out of ram, even with this option off, you may not have enough ram in your computer and it's throwing that error to you. 


Maybe try building a cache of just the cloth, with all other dynamics turned off (disable evaluation).


sometimes it's just letting the system focus on 1 at a time. once the first cache is built, you can enable the next and so on.

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