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Skin/rig problem, mesh not moving with the rest

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Skin/rig problem, mesh not moving with the rest

Hello everyone


I'm currently doing a short cinematic clip in maya with a friend and am having problem with the skin. Even our teacher is confused, and with covid it's hard to get feedback so i'm shooting my shot here.  I wasn't in charge of doing the rig so i'm gonna try my best to explain (Sorry in any case, it's our first time doing a character)


Basically our problem is that the shirt and bag doesn't move with the rest. The whole rig works (normally) but not the two mesh




The shirt and bag mesh is bind  to the joint chain, and even with some influence it doesn't move with the rest


We tried to redo the bind and skinning, even without copy skin weight and it doesn't work. We also tried to to duplicate the mesh and start from a clean mesh but still. I'm a bit confused myself with the whole ik  fk but my teammated told me it's none, it's the normal bone  chain

I think one of the mistake we did at the start was to have the cloth as seperate mesh.. but well.


I can provide the maya file, however we've had a ton of trouble between us two sharing the scene, as sometime blendshape doesn't pass over, or influence/missing (I think the shoulder part is weird, but we can fix it on our own) . Same with the naming, our scene is a bit of a mess and we've tried to clean up as much as we can, but we're limited by our deadline and competence, please don't faint when opening the file hahaha.. Again not sure if it's on our part, probably though. Here is it:  (for some reason it doesn't work with the file sharer below so here's a wetransfer file)

Also  we're using unreal in the end for our render, if it makes a difference in the rig...




Heres  some screenshot of our rig;


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the joints along the spine aren't moving with the rig- 
unpack why the rig isn't functioning correctly then you will probably cure your non moving geo issue-


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You're right, I don't know how we missed this... We're gonna work on that today and tomorrow!   Thank you so much

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