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How to you Bind Additional Joints to a Rig?

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How to you Bind Additional Joints to a Rig?

Hi.  I recently bought the Slap-On Auto Rigging plugin ( to rig my character.  The creator mentioned that the plugin acted as a base rig that anyone could add to.  Yet, I don't know how.  So, after running the plugin and thereby rigging the character, I then created a bunch of additional joints (you must run the plugin BEFORE adding more joints to the character).  After creating the joints, I then proceeded to try and smooth bind some of them (the hair joints) to the hair and it said "Selected geometry `Hair` is already connected to a skinCluster".  I don't know what to do.  And I need this rig ready for my school in a few weeks!  Does anyone know how to smooth bind more joints to a character that has already been rigged?  I can't even tell you how much I would greatly appreciate the help!!!!


- Sebastian

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After finding your post and trying to google without any feedback finally I got a solution from my findings, after adding additional joints drag them in hierarchy, now if you go to skin painting your additonal joints won't appear, so here is a trick select a mesh and delete skin cluster but make sure you select keep history under unbind skin OPTIONS then reselect target mesh and joint go to skin binding option and make sure Normalize Weights; Set to Post and click Bind Skin, select your mesh and go Weight Painting option and you will see additional joints appers, select them and you will find that they have zero influence, start assigning them with Weight painting tools you are familiar to.........!!! Make sure you set Normalize Weights to Post under Paint Skin Weight tool Option.



Hope this will help you


Ngaiza L

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Actually, the answer is that you must add them as influences.  For those of you who see my post and want an answer, just select the new joints (make sure to select ALL of them that you want to affect the geometry, because if you select a joint that has control over other joints, it will appear that those joints are being selected as well, when in reality the only joint being selected is the one you... well... selected.  So, basically, as a metaphor, if you select the trunk but it looks like you've also selected the branches and you know you didn't select the branches and only selected the trunk, then MAKE SURE TO SELECT THE BRANCHES TOO... Maya will fool you lol)... anyway, so select the extra joints (ALL OF THEM) and then select the geometry you want to add the joints' influence to.  After that (make sure you are on the Animate mode obviously), go to Skin > Add Influence.  There, you're done!  Just make sure that your extra joints are parented correctly to the old joints and you should be fine. 🙂

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Rigging mode actually, not animation mode and the parented joints that were added to a quick rig completely deform after adding influence as instructed by you!

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For those wondering about this solution and its reply about being just have to open Add Influence Options and select the checkmark for Weight Locking and set it at 0. Then go in and paint your weights in as you need for the new bones.

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Thanks a lot. Just small addition it is "Skin -> Edit Influences -> Add Influence" or also "Remove Influence".
Removing works also fine, like you explained.

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