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Embed wordpad file via API?

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Embed wordpad file via API?

Running Inventor Professional 2022.2


I would like to add / attach a text file to automatically created part files to hold some metadata.


Is it possible to create / embed and write to a wordpad file with the API? The screen shot below shows the "manual" workflow to get what I am ideally after (less writing to the file).


I am having difficulty finding anything in the admapi reference. Can anybody provide some examples of how to create an embedded wordpad file and write to that file? 


Other ideas on embedding /attaching metadata in a text file format to a part model would be welcome as well.




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One thought would be to use a Microsoft.Windows.Forms.RichTextBox object, and its various methods, to create the file, then the usual Document.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors.Add method.

Wesley Crihfield


(Not an Autodesk Employee)

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 If you can live with basic text, creating and embedding a text file is pretty simple.  Here's a quick VBA example.

Public Sub EmbedTest()

Dim fileSys As FileSystemObject
Dim embedFile As TextStream

Set fileSys = New FileSystemObject
Set embedFile = fileSys.CreateTextFile("C:\temp\myTestFile.txt")
embedFile.WriteLine ("First line of text")
embedFile.WriteLine ("Second line of text")
ThisApplication.ActiveDocument.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors.Add "C:\temp\myTestFile.txt", kOLEDocumentEmbeddingObject

End Sub

I'm not sure what code environment you're doing this in, but an add-in might let you do something like @WCrihfield  described, where you create the RTF object then stream to a file for embedding in the Inventor document.


One method I've used when I don't want information to be readily available to the end-user is adding it under the AttributeSets collection.

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in reply to: jjstr8

you can create and save RTF files like this in an iLogic rule.


imports System.Windows.Forms
Dim doc As PartDocument = ThisApplication.ActiveDocument

Dim tempFileName = IO.Path.GetTempFileName()
tempFileName = IO.Path.ChangeExtension(tempFileName, "rtf")

Using RTB As New RichTextBox
    RTB.Rtf = "{\rtf1\ansi{\fonttbl\f0\fswiss Helvetica;}\f0\pard This is {\b bold} text.\par} "
    RTB.SaveFile(tempFileName, RichTextBoxStreamType.RichText)
End Using

Dim refDoc = doc.ReferencedOLEFileDescriptors.Add(tempFileName, OLEDocumentTypeEnum.kOLEDocumentEmbeddingObject)
refDoc.DisplayName = "Foo Bar"

Jelte de Jong
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An iLogic-savy user to the rescue!
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Not sure what your meta-data is exactly and how much info you are storing, but you could also look at using attribute sets instead of embedding an object. That way its all structured / easy to query and you dont have to deal with an embedded file.

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Thank you to everybody that responded. All work. I believe the attribute set option suggested by matt_jlt will suit this project best. I did not realize such an object existed. 🤔 This opens some doors! 

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