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Remove reliance on ms office

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator DWhiteley on ‎04-26-2017 11:36 AM
Now that Microsoft are removing standalone office products. Remove reliance on Excel within Inventor
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iLogic doesn't get a notification of a parameter change in a newly placed or replacement assembly/part. It would be nice if Inventor recognized that parameters were changed inside these files and automatically trigger any rules that use them.


In the example assembly below, change the parameter named Part to "Part2" and the parameter named Hole to "No"


Part1.ipt is replaced by Part2.ipt, but the hole is still active in Part2.ipt and the rule that controls its activation state needs to be run to update it to match the specified options from the top level form.

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Spacebar - repeat RMB commands

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate schnautza on ‎04-26-2017 07:36 AM - last edited on ‎04-26-2017 07:40 AM |

Normally, hitting the spacebar repeats your last command, however, if your last action was a right-click command, such as adding a vertex or leader to a balloon or leader text, the spacebar repeats the PLACEMENT of a NEW leader or balloon instead of allowing you to add additional leaders/vertices to existing leaders. Often times, I will have one leader/balloon pointing at several objects, so I will use this action multiple times in a row.


This change would save several RMB clicks and browsing through the RMB menu.

Face-only selection

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate newcomer on ‎04-25-2017 10:37 PM

Suppose I want to set the color of a complex or repeated surface to some particular color.  I start shift-clicking, but the only selection option I have is "faces and edges".  So I click 20 regions, right-click,  and "Properties" does not appear.  Why?  Because I misclicked and selected an edge.  If I had "faces" selection, I couldn't accidentally select an edge.


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Easier wires

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate newcomer on ‎04-25-2017 10:28 PM

It should be vastly easier to create a wire than it currently is.  All I want to do is run a 26Ga or 30Ga stranded wire between two components, easily route it, and end up with a list off all the wires I need, in one place, in the BOM, so I know what lengths of what colors and what gauges I need to cut.


Parameterized fonts

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate newcomer on ‎04-25-2017 10:23 PM

Parameters for fonts are not definable.  For example, I might want all my labels in a 3mm font, but if I use the fx page to create a numeric value label_font_size as 3mm, I cannot specify this name for the font height.  Similarly, I should be able to create names for all other font parameters, including color.


I should be able to name a complete set of font parameters and apply the name to a text object, instead of having to set the parameters each time.  And while the simple method is to create a suitable text obect, then clone it 20 times and change just the text, this doesn't help if I decide to change some font parameter after I've created all 20 labels.  Look at the model where there is an always-present "properties" box and I can quickly change any parameter of any object.



Improvement is to have window select of multiple sketch profiles for sheet metal cut feature, just like it is available for extrusion, holes, and other features.


4-25-2017 12-02-59 PM.jpg

Three-dimensional alignment

Status: Gathering Support
by Advocate Frodl on ‎04-25-2017 09:51 AM

We need a development of a curve in a sketch "gradient" on the surface created with a curve in a sketch "ground view". The length of the two curves is idenitic.

This is what the Funktion "Emboss" does right now. During embossing, a profile (for example a text or a closed contour) can be embossed on the surface of a volume body. The embossing is a "development" on the surface, ie the length is also retained on a curved surface.

But in embossing, only a single surface with a curvature can be selected. It should be possible to select several surfaces.

In order to create the alignment axis, it would have to perform a "Develop on surface" function (in addition to "Project on surface"). Similar to the function "Emboss", it must be possible to select a sketch that is "developed" on a surface. However, when selecting the area, several adjacent surfaces must be selected.


See also this discussion.





Wir benötigen eine Abwicklung der Kurve in einer Skizze "Gradiente" auf die Fläche aus einer Kurve in der Skizze "Grundriss".


Ansatzweise ist das das, was die Funktion "Prägung" schon jetzt macht. Bei der Prägung kann ein Profil (z.B. ein Text oder eine geschlossene Kontur) auf die Oberfläche eines Volumenkörpers geprägt werden. Die Prägung ist eine "Abwicklung" auf der Fläche, d.h. die Länge bleibt auch auf einer gekrümmten Fläche erhalten.

Aber bei der Prägung kann nur eine einzige Fläche mit einer Krümmung ausgewählt werden. Es müsste möglich sein, mehrere Flächen auszuwählen.


Um die Trassierungsachse zu erzeugen, müsste es eine Funktion "Auf Fläche abwickeln" (in Ergänzung zu "Auf Fläche projizieren") geben. Ähnlich wie bei der Funktion "Prägung" müsst es dann möglich sein eine Skizze auszuwählen, die auf eine Fläche "abgewickelt" wird. Beim Auswählen der Fläche müssen aber mehrere aneinander angrenzende Flächen auszuwählen sein.

Suggestion: To be able to display the core diameter for an external thread; on a 3D part.


This helps with checking mating parts withing and assembly, giving you a fast visual indication that your threads and their pitch's marry up with one another.


See example

Hi Everyone.


I would like to have a command inside inventor to rename parts and assemblies without loosing references and links with drawings, derived parts and assemblies ( Faster and easier than Design Assistent).


There is already an app that do that easly. I think is simple for Autodesk Inventor Team to add similar command to Inventor UI.





The browser search improvements in Inventor 2018 are a welcome addition. Here are some suggestions for a future release:


  • Invert option
  • Wildcards (* and ?)
  • Logic terms such as AND, OR, NOT. (A hyphen may not be a best shortcut for NOT since it may be used in a filename.)
  • Change the button names from "Filter out ..." to "Show ...". I think it would be less confusing.

I realize the Advanced Find tool has logic search functions, but it would be more convenient if these were available in the new browser Search tool.


You may also want to vote for this browser search suggestion by @gilsdorf.e:

Inventor 2018: New search ability in model browser - start on button click


I welcome your vote and feedback.







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Measure Loop in 3-D sketch

Status: Archived
by Explorer bob on ‎04-24-2017 12:47 PM

I'm not suggesting a new idea, but rather bring back the old proven measurement tool. I see no solution in the new measurement tool for selecting the overall length of a loop in a 3-D sketch which is comprised of a combination of many line segments and splines. If it's not broke don't fix it. I believe this new inspect measurement tool is broken.

Status: Archived

Publish to A360

Status: Gathering Support
by Explorer rick.vanwort on ‎04-24-2017 12:42 PM

I am surprised that this does not exist but I think on the Autodesk A360 tab there should be an option to publish a current open design to A360 and have choice to include all sub components of a design.     

Ports under the Hole command

Status: Gathering Support
by Collaborator douthett on ‎04-24-2017 12:07 PM

A number of years ago Autodesk added Taper Tapped Holes to the Hole command, I would like them to do the same thing with Ports.


I know currently we can add the ports to a part using the insert iFeature but if you made a mistake or things change, you have to delete the iFeature, lost all the constrains you had to it, put in the new iFeature and re-constrain the parts that use it.


If it was under the Hole command then it would be simple as editing a hole.


Companies would also have the benefit of adding their own Ports to the table that was used to create the Ports.

Evidently it is not possible to include a 2D or 3D model sketch in an iPart member drawing...


Please make it possible to include sketches in the individual iPart members as well as drawings of iPart members.



I'm detailing some I-beams and I've used the "Hole" tool to create holes on my top and bottom flanges. 

Currently, if you select "through all", you'll get a hole through BOTH top and bottom flanges, but this is the only way to get your hole callout on the drawing to show "THRU" instead of a depth.


If you tell the hole to go "to" a surface, the drawing calls out a defined depth of the hole. I don't want that.


I'd like to make a hole on the top flange only OR bottom flange only and still have it automatically called out as a THRU hole.


The simplest solution I can think of would be adding a "through next" termination option on the Hole dialogue box...this would have a THRU hole that goes until the Hole tool detects a void...and won't continue past that void to the next flange.


I suppose that my current workaround is to create my hole sketches on the opposite face of the flange and make the holes go the other direction. But I'm too far deep into this project to change that methodology. And it is very difficult to sketch on those planes as the rest of the beam obstructs your view of the sketches. My best option is to manually change the hole callouts on the drawings.

1. select ordinate dimension tool

2. pick origin

3. in case you select patterned features there should be option to select all patterned features to dimensioning

In case the number of patterned features changes in model the dimensioning should follow the change too.

In case there is multilevel pattern this option should follow patterning too (first pick indicates the 1st (made) pattern, 2nd pick indicates the next level of patteringn etc.)

1. select centerline tool

2. pick one (any) of patterned feature

3. This should create centerline along all features in pattern (circular or rectangular)

In case the number of patterned features changes in model the centerlines should follow the change too.

In case there is multilevel pattern this option should follow patterning too (first pick indicates the 1st (made) pattern, 2nd pick indicates the next level of patteringn etc.)


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Hallo Zusammen,

gibt es die Möglichkeit in der Diva, in der obersten BG (wie LOD verknüpfen), das man die Ersatzdetailgenauigkeit verknüpft auf ein mal?

Wenn nein, dann muss ich in jeder BG reinklettern und manuell umstellen auf Ersatzdetailgenauigkeit :-(


Hello everybody, Is there the possibility in the diva, in the top BG (how to link LOD), which one the spare detail accuracy at one time? If no, then I have to re-climb in every BG and manually change to spare detail accuracy


2017-04-21 09_42_13-Autodesk Inventor 2016.png

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